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We commenced developing Steadymaker in 2012 and in June 2015 we went live. It had been a long journey as our early experiences with manual trading saw many losses due to human emotion. We turned to the internet to see what automated trading systems were available, only to find countless EA‟s and other systems for sale, promising high returns with virtually no risk. Many claimed sound historical performance however the closer we looked, the more we could see their results were based on demo accounts or historical performance didn‟t have any losses. We purchased many of these systems, tested them and lost more money. We knew there had to be a better way.

In early 2012 we engaged a software engineer with a background in mathematics and no connection to trading, to begin designing what would later become the Steadymaker portfolio EA. We knew that someone without any connection to Forex would view things differently, any possibly better. The approach he took was simple. Take individual currencies and apply known technical analysis techniques, mathematical equations and measurement tools such as Fibonacci. Mathematically define support and resistance levels and calculate probable retracement targets. Then calculate optimal lot sizes to minimise risk and back-test for a minimal period of 10 years, utilising customised Quantitative Analysis software.

Once profitable EA‟s were identified then the complex task of combining them to create one singe portfolio EA commenced. Our goal was “small, consistent profits, with low risk”. We knew that large profits in short periods were possible however we also knew from experience that such profits were not sustainable.

Success came after three years of testing and re-testing when almost 40 EA‟s were combined. Analysis indicated consistent profits over 10 years, with minimal drawdown. This was the birth of Steadymaker, which has since generated 270% return.

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