What are host service fees?

Forex and Forex traders need a good Dedicated Server. These servers are fast and secured and very critical for our trades. We don't cut cost to save
some $ and risk our trades and Investors interest. We use only the best VPS providers and that comes with a cost. The servers are very expensive and we are only using Dedicated Servers.

We ask our investors to participate in the cost to keep the secure and good VPS for our investors MT4. This cost is just a one off payment and non refundable.

You like to make a profit…. So do we!

We ask you to pay us just 20% from your Profit. We will send you an invoice and you have enough time to make the payment.

Everyone likes to work with honest people and we are not an exception. If we don’t receive our share of the profit.. than that’s not fair to us and we will immediately stop trading in your account.

Important Facts:

1- We don’t need or want your Client/Investor Password (that’s for you and you only and is normally used for your financial transactions)

2- We can’t withdraw or deposit money into your account, so we rely on you to pay us on time

3- The dedicated server fee is a one off payment as long you are with us and like to have your MT4 on our server.

Please note: If you decide to leave and come back later, we will ask you again for this fee)

4- If we win you will win and if you lose we are losing too, we never promise or claim that we will win all the time. There are periods that we might loose and that’s what forex is about. Forex and in particular our system is very profitable, but please make sure you are not investing your life savings in Forex.

The client's profit for January was $1000, the company's commission in this case will be $250.

The invoice will be sent on first week of next month


Account Balance $ 1.000 $ 5.000$ 10.000
Montly % increase 10% 12%15%
Montly income $ 100 $ 600$ 1.500
Commission % 25% 25%25%
Commission fee $ 25 $ 150 $ 375
Net income$ 75$ 450$ 1.125